Technical and On Page SEO Clean-Up

Don’t let Slow Page Speeds Stop You From Ranking on the First Page of Google

Improve Your Technical & On-Page SEO 

Fundamental Checks

  • WordPress Optimisation
  • Technical SEO scan & Cleanup
  • On-Page SEO Optimisations
  • Check Backups
  • Check Security

Our WordPress Technical and On-Page SEO services will skyrocket your website’s performance and help improve it’s Google Rankings.

Technical SEO and on-page optimisations are critical in helping your website perform better in the search engine rankings.

What our Service Involves:

Technical SEO Scan

We’ll run 2 scans, one with a premium tool called Ahrefs and another with a website crawling tool called Screaming Frog.

Our technical SEO scans, crawl your whole website and scan for over 100 predefined SEO issues.

These scans will give your site an overall SEO health score and the number of URLs (web pages) crawled.

We’ll give you a report with all issues, summarising their priority level to fix.

On-Page SEO Cleanup

On-Page SEO cleanups improve conversions. They make website visitors more likely to click on your listings, improve optimisation for your chosen keywords and improve the chances of your pages ranking.

Technical Clean-Up

  • Fixing scan errors
  • Fixing Missing Pages errors (404s)
  • Ensuring all pages are indexed
  • Setting Up Google Analytics so you can monitor website traffic
  • Setting Up Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Submitting XML sitemap
  • Setting Up and Configuring an SEO plugin
  • Setting Up Website Security
  • Setting Up Website Backups
  • Checking SSL certificate
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Optimising Robots.txt file
  • And much more

On-Page SEO Clean-Up

We will Review and Optimise:


  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1, H2 and H3 Heading Tags
  • Alt Image Text
  • Internal Links
  • Review Word Count
  • Scan for Duplicate Content
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Review Calls to Action and Benefits offered
  • Advise on page layout
  • Include Schema Markup/ Structured Data if appropriate (helps conversions/ click throughs)

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

The cost of the technical and on-page audit depends on the size and complexity of your website.

You can book this as 2 separate services or as one combined service.

With the On-Page SEO service, we’ll need to know your main URL (website address) and the number of pages you need to be optimised.

Please call any time, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION and please also DOWNLOAD OUR FREE SEO CHECKLIST.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool supplied by Google, which allows you to analyse and gain information about your website traffic. This information is a guide to help you increase traffic, conversions and make more money.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to help you optimise your website and improve how Google sees your website.

What is a Robots.txt File?

A robots.txt file is a file which instructs web crawlers (e.g. Google Artificial Intelligence bots) which pages or files they are permitted to crawl and those they aren’t.

What are 404 Errors?

404 errors occur when a page has been deleted or moved, so in effect the URL no longer returns a page. 404 errors are not good for SEO and will adversely affect your website’s ranking as they give a poor user experience. Luckily there are ways we can fix these.

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap, is a map of the hierarchy and structure of your website that makes it easier for Google and other Search Engine crawlers to understand your website. You should create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

What are Plugins?

A plugin is like an app on a mobile phone. It is added to give your website functionality.

What are some Must-Have Plugins for my Website?
  • Wordfence or Securi – security
  • Yoast SEO
  • Updraft Plus -backups
  • Redirection
  • Monster Insights – Google Analytics
  • Bloom – Email Opt-ins
  • Schema Pro – Schema Markup (premium plugin)
  • Smush – Image Compression
  • WP Rocket – Page Speeds (premium plugin)
  • WP Sitemap Page

Look out for a future article on our favourite plugins