Local Google Map Pack SEO Services

Rank in the Google Map Pack – Insanely Lucrative for Local Business



What is the Google Map Pack?

The Google Map Pack is also known as the 3-Pack on Snack Pack.

It is a Group of 3 local listings with a Map positioned immediately underneath the Google Ads.

The Google Map Pack optimises perfectly for mobile and the visitor can easily read a description of the business, check out the opening hours, read reviews, see their location on the map and view their social media.

A visual display of the Google Map Pack is shown opposite.

The local Google Map Pack is absolute gold to any local business!

If your business is not in the Map pack, it needs to be. When it gets there, you will experience a large increase in website traffic and customers.

How to Rank in the Google map pack

To get in the Map Pack, you need a good local SEO strategy which starts with claiming your Google My Business listing.

Talk to Rank Perth SEO, we have a proven strategy that will get your Perth business in the Google Map Pack.

Search Engine Optimisation is a great source for new customers and the ranking in the Google Map Pack is the place to be for local businesses. However, if you do nothing, your competitors will take the customers you could be getting.


Fast Page Loading times are Fundamental for Good SEO

  • They improve User Experience on your website
  • They are an important SEO ranking factor with Google
  • They reduce bounce rates (instances of visitors bouncing off your site due to frustration or they can’t find what they want)
  • They increase conversions. (website visitor converting to a customer)
  • Stop you from losing business to competitors
  • Make you more money

The bottom line is to make Google happy. If you have a fast website, that will bring you a lot of benefits with Google and with your potential customers and income.

At Rank Perth SEO, we check and optimise all the key components that contribute to Page Speeds, both on Desktop and Mobile devices.

We guarantee significant improvements.

How Does Google Decide who Ranks in the Map Pack?

It will take a little time to rank in the Google Snack Pack but the investment is worth it.

The Local Google My Business (Google Map Pack) algorithm that determines rankings is different to the normal Google Organic Algorithm.

If your business is going to rank in the map pack, you have to understand that and know exactly what Google wants.

The Google My Business algorithm is based on 3 factors.


The reference point is the business address in your Google My Business profile. So if the suburb your business is based in is Joondalup, it will rank higher for searches requesting Joondalup or where the device is closer to Joondalup. As the person requesting search results gets further away from Joondalup, the ranking factor goes down.


This is so that the searcher receives the relevant local search results on their pc or mobile device for the type of service they are looking for. For example, someone searching for an accountant, does not get an architect. It is important that the business optimises their Google My Business listing for the Keywords they want to rank for.


This relates to how prominent the business is on the web. It includes how good the business website is and the various online mentions including social media, local directories, links from relevant local websites, blogs and forums and other sites. These mentions are in the form of links back to the website.

Why Does Your Business Need to be in the Google Map Pack?

Another Page 1 Listing – This is an opportunity for your business to have an extra listing on Page 1 of Google. So assuming that you do not paid for Google Ads, you have a chance for your business to be in the Google Map Pack and have a normal organic listing. That’s 2 bites at the cherry. That will bring in extra Customers that otherwise were unavailable to you.

The Google Map Pack is trusted – More than 33% of people searching for local businesses click on the Google Map Pack. It is more trusted by people searching for local businesses than the paid Google Ads section.

Highly-Targeted Traffic – If you choose the right keywords you will get a high volume of customers who want to buy from you. That means higher conversions from potential customers to real customers.

Brand Awareness – If your Business Name is in the Map Pack, that is great visibility. More people will get to know your brand and that leads to business in the future.

Organic (Natural) SERPs Rankings – If your business in in the Google Map Pack, chances are you are doing some things correctly. You have opportunities to rank in the organic listings as well as the Map Pack. With expert help, you can achieve both.

Great Return on Investment (ROI) – Appearing in the Map Pack is Gold for any business. It takes some up- front investment but over the long term the ROI is excellent for a business optimised for local searches.


Our Local SEO Expert Strategy

GMB Optimisation

Your Google My Business listing is free. For Local SEO, it is the first place to start. You must claim, verify and optimise your Google My Business Listing. Rank Perth SEO are Google My Business experts who can help you get started with this.

Online Reviews

5-star reviews are very important. They stand out and build prominence. Have a plan to ask customers for reviews.

Focus your reviews on high profile listings such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and industry specific ones such as Trip Advisor.

Local Directories/Citations

Local directory listings are also known as citations. Citations are essential for prominence (one of the If you have been in business for a while, chances are you already have local directory listings. The first step for an existing business is to do an audit/ clean-up of your local citations. NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is an essential part of citations. They have to be identical all around the web or the Google crawlers will get confused and not recognise the listings as yours. The clean-up service is to fix the NAP part of your business listings to ensure consistency.

Now you just need to get more high-value citations to increase your prominence.

Local Directories include: Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, True Local and Hot Frog.

Competitor Research

SEO is a competition. If you do things better than your competitors, you will rank above them.

We have the ability to analyse our competitors in great detail is many paid and free SEO tools.

For example:

  • We can audit their website
  • We can spy on their citations
  • We can spy on their links
  • We can list their strengths and weaknesses and copy their strengths and exploit their weaknesses
  • Click here to learn more about competitor analysis.

Optimise Your Website

We can help you with this. Ensure your website is optimised to convert new traffic to customers:

Here are some questions to ask about your website:

  • Is your phone number easily visible on your website?
  • Is your call to action clearly displayed (above the fold)?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Does your website have fast page loading times?
  • Do you have a blog page and produce regular content?
  • Are your pages and posts well-written, easy on the eye and keyword optimised?
  • Have you submitted a sitemap for Google crawlers to index?
  • Have you set up Schema/ Structured Data on your website?
  • Are URLs, Page Meta Titles, Descriptions and Headings all well-written and optimised?
  • Is the Website Navigation good for the visitor to find exactly what they want?
  • And much, much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Map Pack

Is Google My Business free?

Yes, you just need a Gmail account and you can set up your Google My Business straight away and free of charge.

Do I need a physical address?

Yes, and you cannot use a PO Box number. If you run a business from home, like a small plumbing business, you must record your address but you can choose not to display it publicly.

Can I register more than one Google My Business in a city?

If you have an office in Fremantle and another in Perth, you can set one up for each one.

Can you help us set up and optimise a Google My Business listing?

Yes. We are experts at local SEO, setting up and optimising Google My Business Listings and getting businesses ranking in the Google Map Pack.