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Everyone wants to rank number one on Google.

That’s why not everyone can rank number one in Google.

Therefore, we have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which defines who will rank at the top of Google for selected keywords. SEO starts with Keyword Research.

Understanding your keywords helps you target the right kind of customers who will buy from your business. They are the key to making you money!

Our Keyword Research Process

Remember: Your customers spend over 99% of their time online searching for things that are not what you sell. So, if you only target keywords those customers are searching for, you’ll miss out on many opportunities to get in front of them.


Keyword Research

Identify Main Keywords in the Industry. Find out how many times they are searched for (search volume) and how competitive they are (keyword difficulty). This will help you structure your website if you are building from scratch. However You will need to expand on this approach and do things that your competitors are not doing.

Identify Target Audience

Identify your Target Audience and where they hang out online. For example, my customer is a small to medium-sized business that wants to grow their business by ranking on Google. They hang out on LinkedIn, Youtube, Industry Blogs and Business Blogs like Flying Solo and The Australian Small Business Blog.

Understand Your Demographic

Find out topics that your customers are interested in from the questions they ask on these sites, blogs and forums.

Find out what your customers’ desires, hopes, fears, pain-points are and the subjects they care about.

Use SEO Tools to Build Your Keyword List

Find additional keywords from free and premium keyword research tools. Some of these tools we use include Google Suggest, Keywords Everywhere, Quora, Reddit, Google Searches Related to, Wikipedia, Google Trends, Ubersuggest and Ahrefs.

Keyword Funneling

Analyse these keywords and identify the ones with the highest commercial intent. In other words, is it likely that the customer looking for these keywords will buy from you? You can assess this from the type of keyword it is (informational, navigational or transactional) and its value in terms of Suggested Bid from the Google Keyword Planner. (How much Advertisers are paying in Google Ads for a click from this keyword).

Keyword Mapping

Designating the determined keywords to each website page. 

This is vital to mitigate against keyword cannibalisation (when multiply pages on your site are competing for the same keyword, Google will decide not to rank either) 

Keyword Tracking

We use advanced SEO tools to track your keywords. We can check in realtime the progress of your keywords and how well they are ranking in the search engines. 

How Google’s Artificial Intelligence Works to Provide Search Results

 Google is built with AI (Artificial Intelligence) which comprises bots (or crawlers) and algorithms. This AI calculates what the searcher wants when they type a search query into Google.

Google will look at these keywords and try to find the right search results and display them on a Search Results page for the visitor to choose from.

Google’s business model is built on providing the best search results and they are incredibly good at it, as evidenced by the success of the Google corporation.

Therefore, if you do what Google wants, you are more likely to rank well.

Understanding these principles is essential to getting traffic to your website that you can convert to customers.

Why Keyword Research is Essential

It is critical for a business to have a good keyword and content strategy.

That will help them gain a competitive advantage.

If you rank high for your selected keywords, you should get increased traffic to your website. You must then make sure you convert this traffic to paying customers.

Measure Your Keyword Research Results

We use the latest keyword research tools (both free and premium) to get the best results for our customers.

We also use Rank Tracking Software to measure organic keyword ranking results in Google.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of keyword research depends on a number of factors including the size of the business, the size of the website and the type and competition of the industry. However, we always strive to give our customers a great price and value for money,

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