Google My Business – How to Fix a Suspended Listing

Written by David Faichney

January 24, 2021

Google My Business Suspended Listing

Google My Business – How to Fix a Suspended Account

How Do You know if your Google My Business Account has been suspended?

Log into your Google business Account and go to Google My Business

You will see a big red box that says: Suspended.

The Location Has Been Suspended Due to Quality Issues” (see image below)

This is very vague message and Google will not give you any information on this.

Based on experience, there are 3 major things that cause a Google Suspension. These are:

  • A business name issue
  • A business address issue
  • A business phone number issue

Most of the time it’s an address issue.

Home addresses are more susceptible to getting suspensions than commercial addresses. Usually, it is a result of a violation of Google’s guidelines and often the culprits are virtual offices, PO Boxes etc.

Google My Business Listing Suspended

Step 1: Google My Business – General Fixes

  • Get a Logo and Upload it to Google My Business.
  • Get some corporate-branded items and take photos and upload them. These can be shirts, mugs, vehicles, signage, business cards.
  • Take some photos with you actually doing the relevant work with branded items in the photo.
  • Geotag all photos with the business location data.
  • Photos with people, branding and location are excellent.
  • You can take the photo of your business and upload using the Google My Business mobile app.

This tells Google that you have a legitimate business. Now you are in a position to optimise your Google My Business listing and go through other important SEO steps to get your business ranking at the top of the Search Engine Results.

Step 2: Fix the Address Issue

Use a real physical address.

Make sure the address is unique. If you already have a business address that says Suite 1, make the next address unique and call it Suite 2.

Get the postcard sent to your address and verify it.

If it’s a residential address, hide it so click clear. It then hides your home on the map. If you want to show up on the map, you need a legitimate business address.

Step 3: Business Name

Check that you are not using a duplicate Business Name.

Step 4: Business Phone Number

A red flag to Google is if you are using a phone number which is the same as another business. It is always best to have a local phone number which is unique.

Step 5: Google My Business Reinstatement Request

See this link:

Fill in as follows:

  • Have you already contacted support about reinstating the listing? No
  • Are you the official representative of the company or organization? Yes
  • Did you read the Google My Business quality guidelines? Yes
  • Is your organisation permanently located at the address stated on your page? Yes
  • Have you entered an accurate street address? Yes
  • Does your business operate in a service area? Yes
  • Do you conduct face-to-face business at your location? Yes (if you have a business address that clients visit)
  • Did you set the address settings correctly? Yes
  • Do you have multiple pages for the same location? (Unless you have legitimate commercial addresses) click No

Take Notes on the Next section:

  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Name of Your Business:
  • Address of Your Business:
  • What is the URL of your business listing on GMB? (Note: This is not your website URL)
  • Phone Number:
  • Have You changed your page since it was suspended? Be specific – yes, I have moved premises so have changed the address and phone number and I have added additional images.
  • Additional info: Be polite to Google. Say thank you for your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience. Sending a response with a negative tone will likely put you to the back of the queue.

Note: There may be some back and forth with Google but if there is, try to find out which guidelines you are breaching and you should get the suspension lifted eventually.

Here are some additional resources on the subject which may help:

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Do You Need Help?

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Written By David Faichney

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