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Written by David Faichney

December 9, 2020

Rank Perth SEO are delighted to give out this FREE SEO Checklist for no obligation which we have put together with the help of some of the finest SEO minds in the world, including at Ahrefs, Chase Reiner, Robbie Richards, Leapfroggr and Matt & Liz Raad.

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Free SEO Checklist

1. Marketing Review

Defining the market and the customer

  • How does the Website make money?
  • Have you identified your target audience (customer avatar)?
  • What type of business do you run?
  • Do you know their wants, needs, fears, frustrations and pain points?
  • Do you know where they hang out online? (social media, online forums, blogs, online magazines,
  • Do you know the questions a typical customer would ask?
  • Have we defined what the customer is going to get?
  • How are we going to help them?
  • Can we allay any fears they may have?
  • Do you know who your main online competitors are?
  • Do you know their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you replicating their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses?

2. Site Design and User Experience

Is the site designed for good user experience?

  • Does the site look modern and compelling?
  • Is the target audience clearly defined?
  • Is your Unique Selling Proposition clearly displayed?
  • Does the site have a clear value proposition?
  • How detailed, informative and well-written is the copy?
  • Does your website have a clear, logical structure?
  • Is your Phone Number displayed above the fold?
  • Do you have at least one Call to Action above the fold?
  • Site Navigation – Is the User able to find what they want quickly and easily?
  • Do you have essential pages for About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?
  • Do you have a Blog, produce regular content and promote on Social Media?


3. Keyword Research

About choosing topics and key phrases that potential customers are searching for and eventually converting them into customers.

  • Do you know your main keywords?
  • Have you done Keyword Research?
  • Is each product/ service page keyword-optimised?
  • Identify search volumes and keyword difficulty
  • Is there any low-hanging fruit you can create content for?
  • Consider search intent (informational, navigational, commercial investigation, transactional)
  • Consider low competition topics with high traffic potential (Ahrefs – Content Explorer)
  • Consider if you can plug your products and services within the keyword topic (business potential)
  • Keyword Mapping (mapping keywords onto pages)
  • Have you identified any content gaps?
  • Have you done competitor keyword research and reviewed their top traffic pages?

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4. Functionality/Plugins

Plugins are like apps for your website. They give it functionality. Plugins may be needed for:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Image Compression
  • Caching (Page Speeds)
  • Security
  • Backups
  • HTML sitemap
  • Social Media Follow & Sharing


5. Technical SEO

These are SEO factors affecting the whole website

  • Have You setup Google Analytics?
  • Have you set up Google Search Console?
  • Have you set up Bing Webmaster Tools?
  • Does the site redirect to the preferred version?
  • Does your website have an SSL Certificate?
  • Does XML sitemap exist and load?
  • Created and Submitted ax XML Sitemap to GSC & BWT
  • Is Robots.txt file configured properly
  • Ensure you rank number 1 for your Brand Name
  • Check all pages are indexed with Google
  • Fix all broken links, 404 Pages
  • Check for outbound broken links
  • Have you scanned for duplicate internal content?
  • Have you scanned for duplicate external content?
  • Check for Google manual penalties
  • Have you done a site scan and fixed all technical errors (AHrefs)?
  • Have you fixed all Screaming Frog crawl errors?

6. On-Page SEO

These are SEO factors affecting every page

  • Main Keywords should be in your URL
  • Title Tag contains main keyword and is optimal length
  • Meta Description is appealing for searcher to click on, offers/ benefits and is optimal length
  • Headings – H1, H2, H3 contain keywords as appropriate but remain natural looking and are not keyword-stuffed
  • Are benefits/ offers above the fold?
  • Calls to Action on Service Pages?
  • Location information on Service Pages?
  • Images – File Names and alt tags should contain keywords
  • Word Count – preferably each page should be over 500 words
  • Do you have good internal linking across the site and particularly from Blog Articles to Service Pages and Service Pages to and from the Home Page?
  • External links to high authority sources
  • Are secondary keywords used in sub headings and normal text?
  • Is your content higher quality than your competitors?
  • Do your Main Pages have Schema Markup/ Structured Data?

7. Local SEO

This is critical for local businesses who want to rank on Google

Google My Business (GMB)

  • Have you claimed your Google My Business (GMB) Listing?
  • Is your GMB listing verified?
  • Is the correct Primary Category selected?
  • Are correct Secondary Categories selected?
  • Is the proper location type selected?
  • Is the service area radius set?
  • Are business hours setup and correct?
  • Is there a keyword-optimised and well-written business description?
  • Are GEO-tagged images uploaded?
  • Is Business using the FAQs section?
  • Is the business using the GMB posts facility?
  • Is your GMB Listing Optimised?
  • Is Business asking Customers for 5* Reviews?
  • Is Business replying to Reviews?
  • Does Google properly display the map location and business information?

Citations/ Business Directories

  • Have you done a Citations Audit & Cleanup?
  • Are you acquiring local citations?
  • Is the Name, Address, Phone Number consistent across the web?
  • Does your website mention the location your business is located in?
  • Have you embedded a Google Map for the business on the Home Page?
  • Is your NAP and Business Hours in the footer?
  • Is the business listed on all major, local and niche directories?
  • Are Social Profiles complete?

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8. Mobile Friendly Websites and Page Speeds

Having a mobile friendly website is critical for Google Rankings

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Is the content easy to read on mobile? (all pages)?
  • Do your Call to actions Optimise on mobile devices?
  • Are phone numbers clickable on Mobile Devices?
  • Are the Desktop Page Speeds below 3 seconds? Below 2 seconds is preferable?
  • Are your mobile pages speeds good? (they will be slightly slower than desktop speeds) 

9. Links

When other sites link to your content is shows Google that you are an authority on a subject. That is a huge ranking factor.

  • Do a Press Release
  • Analyse and record competitor backlink sources for future outreach
  • Sponsor a local event or organisation?
  • Leave reviews/ testimonials for other businesses
  • Local guest post opportunities (Blogs/ Forums?)
  • 404 Pages on competitors’ sites with links that you could write content for and request link to your site.

10. Monitoring Results

You must measure the results of your SEO efforts to make sure they are working or make adjustments if they are not. You can measure the following:

  • Keyword rank tracking in the search results
  • Search traffic (Google Analytics)
  • Goal Conversions (Google Analytics)
  • Number of impressions and clicks you are getting. (Google Search Console)
  • Site Errors (Google Search Console)
  • Number of Backlinks you are getting
  • Number of indexed pages in Google
  • Your Google Map Pack listing position on city grid (specialist software required)
  • Do a periodic SEO Audit

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Written By David Faichney

David Faichney is Founder of Rank Perth SEO. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about SEO and how to improve your website's rankings and how to make you more money. Get your free Website Checklist here: and feel free to call me on 08 6204 7394

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